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A Brief History of The Gordon Jeffery Music Foundation

The Jeffery Concerts were first known as The Aeolian Concerts, performed in the Aeolian Hall at Dundas and Rectory Streets in London, Ontario which was owned by the Gordon Jeffery Trust.

Gordon Jeffery died in 1986 leaving the Hall, together with instruments and a generous financial bequest, to the Gordon Jeffery Trust to run and maintain as a musical venue for London and to produce The Aeolian Concerts under Arthur Rowe, Artistic Director.

The Trust was nearing the end of its mandate in 2003 and decided to put the Aeolian Hall building up for sale, selecting the Wolf Performance Hall in the Central Library on Dundas Street (at Wellington Street) as the new venue for presenting its continuing musical performance series in London. The Trust contributed significantly to the Wolf Performance Hall construction including for enhanced acoustics, stage aesthetics, and backstage quarters for performers.

Assets of The Gordon Jeffery Trust was transferred to the Gordon Jeffery Music Foundation in 2004, and the Foundation is the entity which now continues the legacy of music that defined the life of Gordon Jeffery.

In 2007, to avoid confusion with other musical performances held at The Aeolian Hall, the series name was changed to The Jeffery Concerts, also under Arthur Rowe, Artistic Director.

In 2008, extending its tradition of musical excellence support, the Foundation announced the inaugural The Jeffery Summer Concerts under Simon Aldrich, Artistic Director.



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